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  • Tariq Fancy

    Tariq Fancy

    Ex-CIO for Sustainable Investing at BlackRock / Founder of Rumie.org

  • Dylan Hughes

    Dylan Hughes

    Two-time self-development author also writing on business and electric vehicles. My free newsletter: https://dylanhughes.substack.com.

  • Shelby Edwards

    Shelby Edwards

    Expert in things going sideways. Crisis Operations, Writer, Major U.S. Army (Retired).

  • Luke Burgis

    Luke Burgis

    Author of “WANTING: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.” Find more at read.lukeburgis.com

  • Maya Averbuch

    Maya Averbuch

    Freelance journalist based in Mexico City. @mayaaverbuch

  • Megan Morrone

    Megan Morrone

    Tech Journalist 👩🏽‍💻

  • Jennifer Barnett

    Jennifer Barnett

    Former managing editor of The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Redbook, and Elle. Now I’m writing. Expat in Amsterdam.

  • Emma Rindlisbacher

    Emma Rindlisbacher

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